Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Paris In Fall and London Fog Faux Candle Decor How-to

Re-use re-purposed paper towel roll candles made from scrap-booking paper. The color of these make me long for fall cooler air and autumn colors.

These can be made with any scrap-booking paper, wrapping paper, fabric anything your imagination can come up with. Pick your paper then cut your paper towel rolls to size and do the same to the paper. Then glue the paper to the rolls with a glue stick. With your hot glue gun drip glue around the top letting some slide down the sides. Paint the drips with coordinating craft paint. In this case I used gold metallic paint. Then add the tea lights. You can paint the tea lights to match. Just have fun!

Now you have a beautiful and safe candle display that can be displayed anywhere safely.

This cat was given to me when I was a little girl I have always kept it close. I believe at one time it was cover in silver though it has all worn off now. I love it this way. I don't know anything about it, history or origin. It's old I know that and it is perfect to sit upon my candle cage.

I cut a square from my scrap-booking paper and painted a dollar store silver desert tray white then applied the paper to the tray with my glue stick and now I have a coordinating tray to hold little treasures, a favorite picture or it can be a picture in and of itself by setting it in an easel next to your candles as shown in picture two of this post.

London Fog

I found this lovely graphic on Very Merry Vintage Style blog. Thank you Mary for sharing this London printable with us.

The candle holder is a salvation army purchase that I cleaned up then painted black. I once again cut my paper towel rolls and the London graphic to the desired sizes. I applied the paper to the paper towel rolls with a glue stick. I took my hot glue gun and went around the top of the candles letting some drips fall down the sides being careful not to cover up the words and then to the bottom of the candles to secure them to the holder. Once the glue dried I painted the drips black. I also painted the tea lights black.

The fluer di les I made from handmade hand pressed paper which I painted black, dried brushed with silver metallic paint and then lacquer it.

If you would like to see some of my more advanced candle art you can do so here, HouseofDewberry
but be warned they are creepy. I love Halloween!

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