Monday, July 20, 2009

It is soooo hot!!!! I made Dashboard Cookies

It is so hot here in the San Fernando Valley CA and this is the silly thing I did to prove it! This morning I was running around and caught the tail end of a news segment about how someone had put chocolate chip cookie dough in their car to see how long it would take to cook. I turned to my friend and said how funny it that? and then remembered I had cookie dough in the frig, I must have looked funny or she just knows me well enough to know this is something I would do because she said you aren’t thinking of...and I said, yes, I am. I ran to the frig, took two round balls of cookie dough, put it on some foil and headed for my car! My sister told me that it was two weather men from Northern California, Channel 11 Fox news that came up with the idea, I looked it up and here is a link to the original news cast for those of you who are interested.
Channel 11 Fox news

Recently I have been on a S'more cookie kick in which I found a wonderful recipe for them here… Cookiemadness

I just though it would be fun to see if I could get the S'more cookies to cook in the car. Here are the pictures of what I did.
Through out the process the girls kept calling out from the pool are the cookies done yet!

Here they are starting to melt, in my car, on my dashboard. I am not sure how hot it actually is in my car however, I know it is 105 outside so it is very hot.

Because these are S'more cookies I normally take them out of the oven after about 5 mins and add the chocolate chunks and marshmallows therefore, I now have to take the chocolate chunks and the marshmallows out to my car.

I took the chocolate chunks right from the frig so they would not melt before getting them into the cookies, but it was so hot they started melting on the way there which was only to the end of the driveway! I got in the car and had to shut the door as to not let the heat out! It really was like crawling in the oven with the cookies! Here is what they look like with the goodies on them.

Here they are all done! They actually cooked and look great!!! The girls ate them and told me the they were good and that the marshmallow was chewy just like from the oven, This is how hot it is, I can actually say it is hot enough to cook toasted marshmallow S'mores cookies in my car!!!