Saturday, July 2, 2011

Keeping My Hydrangeas

Happy 4th of July! It's officially our first real heat of the summer here in California. I personally think it has been very comfortable so far. It hasn't been hot enough to make cookies in my car! That is too hot!

This post is about my Hydrangeas which are in full bloom and putting on a glorious show. The heads are large and the colors range from white, pale green, pale pink, dark pink, light and dark blue to lavender and purple.

Unfortunately for them they are planted in full sun. Those of you who are familiar with this flower know they need to be in the shade and kept cool or they will wilt and turn brown. Mine are hanging in there, but struggling. This last week in anticipation of the up coming heat, I took pictures of them while they were still pretty . They are just so beautiful and here for such a short time. They are just too lovely to keep to myself, so I thought I would share with those who are in love with this flower as much I am.

I came upon this chair
here in the picture's on my way home one evening. I stopped and picked it up with the thought in my head, that I would take it home and paint it. Then take it back and leave it there. Then the next time the person came out to throw their trash away, they would fine it much different than when they placed it there.

Upon finishing it, it look so perfect sitting by my Hydrangeas that I kept it!
Like you didn't see that coming, well, maybe next time.

I hope everyone is having a happy and safe Holiday!


  1. I love your hydrangea pictures! They are really pretty!
    Thank you so much for directing me to your blog and your sweet comment on mine! :)
    xoxo from Germany,

  2. Oh these are breathtaking!!! They are my favorite flowers, but since it's so hot here (and I have no shade in the yard) I can't grow them so I'm so happy to see yours...dreamy! And I love the chair too!

  3. Thank you nifty thrifty things for looking at them, yours are so pretty.

  4. Thank you Cindy! Your blog, items, and photography are just beautiful!