Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Vintage French Graphics Paper Towel Roll Candles

I have been busy creating creepy paper towel roll candles on my Halloween site and thought it would be fun to make unrelated to Halloween ones as well. So I visited the Graphics Fairy's blog and picked out some pretty French graphics, thanks Karen! The candles came out beautifully and can be displayed safely. Here is the link to my How-to which is located on my Dark side blog. It is almost the same process except instead of using the plain cardboard roll just glue your print out onto the roll, making sure to cover it completely. Then add the hot glue drips around the top letting them drip down the sides a little as to not cover up the graphics, then at the bottom for balance.

The graphic I used can be found here on the Graphics Fairy site. Here are links to the specific images that I used. Pretty French Label Pairs Letter with postmark I cannot find the link to this one sorry! Not to worry though there are so many gorgeous graphic there you can pick your own favorites to use.
I have much more to share but I will have to do that later. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.
Linking to Graphicsfairy



  1. I just love them - so very beautiful.
    XO Marie

  2. i love it..its pretty awesome and i love the style its so simple

    towel rings

  3. These are so beautiful. You need to feature some of your furniture. CONGRATS.

  4. I saw your black candles but how did you do the white candles? because when you did the black ones you painted the whole tube with the glue, but these have the print on the tube, so how did you paint the glues and still be able to put the print under the glue drips

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